The Way You Roll Toilet Paper Says A Lot About You

One of the great, pointless debates of modern life is the right way to hang a roll of toilet paper. Do you go with the “over” style, where the paper hangs to the front, or “under,” where the paper hangs to the back?

Well, believe it or not, a therapist ran a study on 2,000 people to see if the way you hang toilet paper is a window into your personality . . . and she actually DID find one connection.

People who put a toilet paper roll in the “over” style are more DOMINANT. People who hang the roll “under” style are more submissive.

She also found that the “over” people are SO dominant, sometimes they actually switch the paper at other people’s houses if it’s “under” style.

For what it’s worth, last year, someone actually dug up the original toilet paper roll patent from 1891 and found that in the drawings, the roll is in the “over” style.


The Way You Hold Your First Will Describe Your Personality.

1. Picture 1

External personality

You are a person who has a strong imagination and compassion, and you are sensitive to others. But at the same time, you are uncertain and impatient. They love to help others and inspire them with their energetic and enthusiastic actions.

Internal personality

They want to have a sense of protection and acceptance from within. For this reason, you behave very well with others, and people may have tried to use you. But internally, you know very well who is right and who is wrong and who deserves to be loved.

Love personality

You have a deep sense of love, but you can not express it properly. Plus, you tend to hide your inner emotions. In addition, even if you are often angry, hide your bad mood. They are not at all selfish and treat your partner very nicely.

2. Picture 2

External personality

They have a pleasant personality and are at the same time very talented and charismatic. Because of your nice personality, you have a lot of friends. They are very sincere, hardworking and dedicated. On the labor front, you are very confident and you attract attention. They are able to generate new ideas and want to be at the top.

Internal personality

You are sensitive and fragile. They expect a lot from others and fear at the same time to be rejected. You will be demoralized if things do not meet your expectations. That’s why you need someone who constantly encourages you. They always try to find someone similar to you in nature.

Love personality

They think too much and tend to get stuck in depressing thoughts and memories. You need a partner who can understand you and protect you from these depressing thoughts. They love your partner too much and are always afraid he will get bored and start to hate you. You are covering the internal vulnerability by using the “I do not care” parameter.

3. Picture 3

External personality

They are very practical, creative and speak well. They are also alert and manipulative. Although you have all the traits to impress others and progress in your workplace, you often tend to be worried and sensitive.

Internal personality

They are very sensitive in nature and prefer to be a quiet person. They are very interested in others and do no harm to anyone. They expect others to understand you and treat you accordingly.

Love personality

They always prefer an environment and peaceful relationships rather than being busy and restless. They are very sensitive and sweet in nature. Even if someone hurts you, they tend to forgive them when they apologize.







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