The Shape Of Your Thumb Says A Lot About Your Personality!

You may be surprised at the strong connection between our personality traits and our actual physical features.

In general, you likely have one of the five following thumb shapes. Your thumb has a single joint that joins both the lower and upper parts of your thumb. Additionally, your thumb may be inflexible or flexible. Which is yours and what meaning does it have?

Type A

The upper half of your thumb is bigger than your lower half

You tend to reach as high and as far as you can. You have a strong desire to excel and you are constantly thinking of ways to do so. You really want to succeed in life, and this desire can sometimes be intense. But you will always be grateful and humble when you do succeed. This kind of personality makes you an amazing person all around.

Type B

The lower half of your thumb is bigger than your upper half

If your thumb has this shape, you are a person who keeps their feet on the ground and is always humble. You are calm and confident, but most of all, you’re caring. You do not promise big things without being sure you can deliver.

Your personality is also such that you enjoy the simple things in life. You find joy and peace in what others believe to be mundane. You keep yourself well grounded and never forget to show your appreciation towards those who have helped you get where you are. So, you are a rich person. Maybe not in money, but certainly in love and friendship.

Type C

Both halves of your thumb are equal size

You are always looking for balance in life. You like when your world is harmonious and you are the middle ground when it comes to arguments and disagreements. You seek equilibrium and are not happy until you get it. You easily find the good in others and beautiful amongst the ugly. If you experience a setback in life, you will find a way to move forward. His life is based on physical and emotional harmony.

Type D

Your thumb is flexible

If you have a very flexible thumb, you can easily adapt to different situations. You are a survivor first and foremost and usually amongst the first to realize something has changed and you need to change with it.

This can also be applied mentally. You can accept new information and change your mind based on new facts. You are open and change your attitude and behavior as needed to achieve your goals. This is a rare quality and offers you a greater chance of survival even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Type E

Your thumb is inflexible

You have a dominant and somewhat stubborn personality. You always make good on your promises but you can be somewhat inflexible when it comes to some matters. When you set out to do something, you do it, no matter what! You are a very trustworthy person and are loyal to a fault. You have an amazing personality that everyone around you adores.

Are you ready to see what others have to say about their personality? Show your friends and family and see what they have to say! And while you are at it, let us know how accurate this article was in the comments!