The First Letter Of Your Name Reveals About Your Personality

Our name is not just a word; it is our identity, it is something which will be used by the world to address and recognize us throughout our whole life. However, the most unique or awkward fact about our name is that we don’t usually decide it and it is given to us by the elders of our family.


Below, you’ll be able to find out what does the first letter of your name says about your personality.



A. You may well appear to people as rude and arrogant, but your taste for things is extremely sharp and you know exactly what you want in your life. You’re bad at reading between the lines, so you’re very direct person.

B. You are very strict about your privacy, you value it more than anything else and you ask from people to respect it strongly. Also, you are very emotional and empathic person.

C. You represent a combination of Social and Control “freak”. You love to be among people as a matter of fact you can’t stand being alone. As for the control freakiness goes, you simply need to have every sphere of your life under control.

D. Your exterior shows people your strong and unbreakable side, so often they’re even a little bit afraid of your strength. However, your interior hides a very caring and gentle soul.

E. Communication is your key to everything, you need your brain stimulated constantly, daily. Intelligence in other people is what attracts you in the first place.


F: If your name begins with letter F, you are very romantic, lovable, idealistic and passionate. Your basic qualities are faith, nurture, loyalty, love and self-sacrifice.


G: Individuals with G at the start of their names are perfectionist and seek the same in their partner and people around them. For the same, it’s difficult to make them happy. They just can’t sit at one place without doing anything or doing something boring as they look for action all the time and are seldom exhausted.


H: If your name begins with H, you are emotional, creative, unpredictable, moody, passionate and hardworking. You are a true dream chaser who hardly gets satisfied and this is the essential quality that makes you successful in life.


 I: People who at the beginning of their name value luxury more than love. They seek attention and have different interests. They are materialistic and want to be admired, revered, respected and even venerated in all situations.

 J: If your name begins with letter J, you are a highly energetic, fun-loving, easy-going, cheerful and very active person with a good sense of humor. Your enthusiasm inspires others and you believe in living life with positivity.


K: Individuals whose names start with K are kind, introvert, caring, shy, loyal, secretive and helpful. They are very serious as far as love life is concerned, look for a perfect counterpart and are very romantic and passionate. Qualities like pure heart, self-sacrifice and generosity help them in getting attention of people around them.



L: These people are very enthusiastic, caring and emphatic. They like to take care of others and have impressive communication skills. They are blessed with the charm, optimism and energy that sometimes helps them succeed and become rich. They are very romantic and attached to their partner, who has a great importance in their life.


M. Extremely volatile. You simply refuse to give up and there is nothing they can do to stop you from winning. You believe in perfection and you won’t stop until you’ve reach that level.

N. Thinking outside the box while also being a true artist and a very creative person is what defines you.

O. People whose name starts with O, often live by their own rules, laws and boundaries. They demand from other people to respect their way of life as they are very sensitive about it.


P. You care a lot about what other people think of you as a person. This forces you to become the best person you can be. Also, your social status means a lot to you, like this you are also attracted to power.

Q. Constantly looking for adventures. You want to explore new things and travel the world so you can experience many new things that will ultimately change your life.

R. You will always be attracted more to smart mind than hot body. Upgrading your intelligence is the one and only goal in your mind, so you’ll do anything to make this happen.

S. If your name starts with the letter S, it shows your selfness and very giving character. You always tend to put others before you in your life.

T. You like to live your daily life and anyone who tries to interrupt it does not finish well. Your daily routine is why you do not like the changes, you prefer to stick to your plan.


‘U’: You are very enthusiastic. You feel maximum pleasure when you are in love. You are always looking for a person you can love and adore. In your opinion love is a challenge.


‘V’: You need freedom and enthusiasm in your life. You wait until you know your partner before making any promises or commitments. You need to discover your partner’s weaknesses and figure out how you can get him or her on your side.


‘W’: You feel very proud of yourself and wise in your decisions. You do not accept “NO!” for an answer. When it is related to love, you are very romantic and caring. Your love is very strong and you are very attracted to your partner. You are full of generosity and you consider nothing is more precious than your loved one. You are an expert in love games and surprises.

‘X’: You cannot live without excitement in your life. You like to have more than one relationship at a time. You cannot stop thinking that you are gifted. You are very good at multi-tasking.

Y: You are very sensitive and have an independent personality. If someone does not do things your way you forget about that subject completely.


Z: You are very romantic and you do not show your feelings easily. You try very hard to please your lover. You are very sociable. You try to help everyone with everything especially those who feel that they need you.