The Crown You Choose Will Reveal Its Hidden Meaning For Your Life.

1. The Crown of Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. They believe in true love and have a positive and simple attitude to life. They chose Aphrodite’s crown because she wears a bird, which means you value your freedom. Your independence is one of your greatest strengths. Apart from the dove, a sign of peace and harmony that you greatly appreciate, the crown is quite simple, just as you like to live your life. Your hidden strength is your passion and your love.

2. The Crown of the Druids

Druids were considered the most important members of society in Celtic mythology. This crown has a Celtic knot to represent the Druids, who were known as religious leaders, legal authorities and guardians of tradition. The Druids had a constant connection with their community and the Celtic Knot is a representation of their connection to the community and to nature. The Celtic knot is a symbol of nature and harmony. If you choose, you manifest your desire to be in nature, to find peace and solitude. His hidden strength is his deep wisdom and great talent.

3. The Crown of Royalty

Only one person chooses the king’s crown and a very demanding person. They have big dreams and intend to reach them. You have big goals and nothing will stop you because you can do what you want. They know how to keep an eye on the price and work hard to get what they want. Sometimes it is necessary to remember to stop from time to time and smell the roses and be proud of your accomplishments. Your hidden strength is your deep ambition.

4. The Crown of the Triple Goddess

The Triquetra or Trinity knot has been used for centuries as a symbol of a deity. By choosing this crown, you show that you have a serious spiritual and supernatural connection. You often find that your intuition is truer than others and you seem to have a spiritual connection to the world around you. Your intuition and instinct are unlike any other and you have an almost supernatural ability to read people. You can not yet do real magic, but you know that you were born to do special things, and you have the chance and instinct to lead you there. Your hidden power is your spiritual connection to the world around you.

5. The Crown of Eros

Eros is the Greek god of attraction and desire. The Roman equivalent of Eros is Cupid. You have chosen a crown with a heart in the end and love is obviously in your head. You are about to find your true love, if you have not done it yet. You have the knack for finding love and you are a very passionate person. You’ve been hurt before, but that does not stop you from looking for your soul mate. One day you will find what you are looking for and you will have beautiful romances on which you will come back with love. The few relationships that do not end well must be quickly forgotten. Your hidden strength is your incredible romantic ability.



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