That Birth Order Can Shape Your Personality. Here’s How

We all are more or less familiar with these common 4 stereotypes when it comes to birth order personalities:the only child always have trouble in sharing his or her feeling, the oldest child is always bossy, the youngest ones are naughty and spoilt and the middle – well the middle is stuck in the middle. Let us now look closely at each birth order along with typical characteristics associated with them.



The eldest child will probably have more in common with other firstborns than their own brothers and sisters. Because they have had so much control and attention from their first-time parents, they are over-responsible, reliable, well-behaved, careful and smaller versions of their own parents.


Opposite to the firstborn child, the youngest children tend to form a different personality. Younger children are usually overpampered by their parents and enjoy the attention they’re given by their older siblings. Kids that were born the latest can feel less independent compared to their siblings. Nonetheless, youngest children are highly motivated to ‘one-up’ their older siblings. They also tend to be strongly socially developed.


Middle children often possess the traits which are completely different from the family members. They get these skills and traits from outside peers and friends as they thing that they do not have a special place in the family. In addition, they become more insecure because they always get less attention. Other traits of Middleborn Children are shown above in the picture.


The only Child have the similar characteristics to the firstborn ones but they as the more self-centred because of complete attention by the parents towards them. As a result of never sharing their things, they become more selfish and do not like sharing their things with anyone. They are also confident and responsible as shown in the picture above.