Teacher has students leave emotional baggage at her door in powerful classroom activity

Teachers rarely get enough credit for the fantastic work they do.

Of course, in each group, there is a rotten apple that does not care about the children in their care, but most of the time, teachers play a crucial role in the design and training of a child during of his formative years.


Karen Loewe certainly sits in that bracket. One of her recent school activities is taking the internet by storm and has quickly become something parents want to see more of.

The first day after the summer break, she gave her students paper and asked them to write something. His unusual technique is becoming viral.


On the first day back after the summer break, Karen Loewe told the students in her class to write down anything that was bothering them on a piece of paper. Then she asked them to scrunch up the paper and throw it across the room.

There were no names on the paper, safeguarding the anonymity of those who didn’t wish to be associated with whatever they had written down. One by one, the children were asked to pick up a random note and read its contents aloud. Karen then asked if the person who wrote the note would like to talk more about it, which many did

Lessons learned

Once all the paper notes had been read, they were placed in a plastic bag and hung beside the classroom door. It’s Karen’s hope that they will serve as a reminder to the young ones that everyone has baggage in their life, and there’s no shame in admitting so.

Karen’s post on Facebook has taken the internet by storm, amassing more than 377,000 shares so far on Facebook.