Great Souls Suffer In Silence

Strong people are usually the ones who feel the most, suffer the most and cry the most. Remember, the next time you think someone has a cold heart. You see, strong people do not show what they feel, and they do not talk about it.

They may sound cold or strong, but that does not mean they do not have a lot of internal battles. Behind his big bright smile hides a pain, but they do not allow it.

They hide their suffering behind the usual expressions such as “I’m fine” and “I’m fine”. They may sound strong, but they also fall apart, they do it privately when they do it alone.

They are the ones crying behind closed doors; They are the strongest souls. His tears were soaked in his pillow and his bed witnessed many heartbreaking sobs.

They usually get up to face any obstacles. They have the same routine in this way and think they can control the situation.

They always give a daring face and pretend that everything is fine. They hide what they really feel because they think they could be judged, or they show they are suffering, that they seem vulnerable.

These people are hiding in their shells. They prefer to suffer alone without anyone noticing anything around them. These people are warriors who fight secret battles. They have many invisible wounds and bruises that hide them.

They bleed from the inside, but remain silent. You see, the strongest people always choose to suffer in silence. There is no time for weak moments in his head. They do not share their doubts, worries, problems and fears with everyone.

They keep their feelings for them because they have a hard time saying what they really feel. It is not easy for them to say aloud that they are suffering. Therefore, they decide to hide their suffering.

Life has taught these people that they must be tough. Because in this world only the strong wins. They believe that strong people must do everything alone.

These people have learned to stay strong during violent storms, even if they want to hide until the pain is bearable.

You are one of them, right?

You came here because you are trying to understand what’s going on with you. If you can understand this, you will know that you are a strong person. You can go through hell and come back.

When life strikes you, you get up whatever the circumstances. They fight and suffer as you know.

Nobody is stable to pain. You are a strong person and it is difficult for you to share your pain and your vulnerabilities.

Many people suffer in silence until one day they burst into a thousand pieces. You see, sometimes you can easily get lost in the dumb world that humans create for ourselves.

Suffering in silence can make you take away your negative frustrations. This can bring more misery and pain. But if you open up instead of hiding, things could get better.

You are strong, it is true, but you must not forget that you are human too. My darling, you do not have to suffer alone from the pain you feel in yourself, and you do not have to be silent about all the things that hurt you.

These are things you can not control. You are hurting because of the emptiness you feel each day. Do not suffer from things over which you have no power and which you can not change.

They are strong, but that does not mean you should not feel. You are strong, but at the same time you can have pain. You must remember to be friendly with yourself and to love yourself.

Do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it. They see that only strong people can admit that they need help. Do not be ashamed to share the things that are in your heart and in your mind.

Do not let the pain define you, do not let your suffering determine your life. Take control of your life, move forward and focus on progress. Remember that suffering is an inevitable part of life, but it does not make it a permanent destination.

When you face suffering, learn, grow, but forget.