Sometimes my face says more than my mouth

If my mouth doesn’t say it. My face definitely will.

6 Ways To Identify a Fake Friend, Stay Away From Them Before They Take Advantage Of You

Fake friends always take more than they can give when it comes to friendships. This kind of friendship won’t give you any benefits to you, and they rather use you in any situation. They will steal your energy and you’ll feel drained. Here are 6 signs that indicate you have a fake friend:

1. Is an opportunist

Do you have a friend who always makes plans with you and then flakes on them a day later? Watch out—this person may not be a true friend. Instead, she probably compiles three different things to do on any given night, chooses the best one and cancels the other two at the last minute. A good friend will prioritize spending time with you (even if your plans just involve a movie night together at home).

2. Only talks about themselves

More often than not, fake friends are narcissists. They have trouble forming real connections because they are incredibly focused on themselves. Healthy friendships are about given and take, but a fake friend will take all of your attention and give you nothing in return.

3. Leans on you constantly for emotional support

Emotionally unstable people do not always make the best friends. While being supportive of your friends is incredibly important—especially if they are struggling with something—fake friends will take advantage of your willingness to listen. They will take you on an emotional roller coaster without any concern for your needs.

4. Gossips about others

This is an instant. Some people invent the gossips themselves in the moment of speaking, just to say anything bad for a certain person. Gossiping is not okay in either way or talking bad about someone says a lot about the person who leads the conversation.

5. Mocks you and compliment you at the same time

They will wrap a joke with a compliment so they can mock you and hold you in their close circle too. They want you around so they can use you, but still think bad about you. They are very good manipulators and this is a manipulative technique to control you.

6. Makes you choose them over your friends

Since they are so narcissistic and self-centered, they will try to make their servant and make you available for them all the time. This may cost you, real friends, so don’t fall into the trap.

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