Can You Solve This Complicated Puzzle?

1 rabbit saw 6 elephant while going to the river.

Every elephant saw 2 monkeys gong towards the river.

Every monkeys holds 1 parrot in their hands.

How many are going towards the river?

Scroll down for the answer.







7 animals were going toward the river.

1 rabit, 2 monkey holding 4 parrots in their hands.

Monkey has two hands, and they are holding 1 parrot in their hands.

That gives a total of 4 parrots.

The Elephant were not going toward the river.

The 6 of them only saw the two monkeys going to the river.


97% Of People Get This Riddle Wrong On The First Attempt. Are You One Of The 3%?

This riddle leaves many people confused. In fact, 97% of people get it wrong on their first try.

That means only 3% actually understand the riddle and know the answer. It’s shocking!

Are you one of the 3% of people who can guess the riddle right?

Let’s find out!

Don’t forget to let us know if you got the riddle right without cheating!

The question seems reasonably simple at first until you start to think about it.

Most of the internet hit a brick wall when they tried to figure out who they were to Teresa. They simply couldn’t figure it out.

Are we Teresa’s mother, Teresa herself, her granddaughter, or daughter?

The internet had no clue what the answer was.

The internet was left clueless, apart from a few lucky people who didn’t struggle to figure it out.

But someone soon pointed out something very handy.

They asked us to consider who was asking the question.

Who is asking the question?

Can you figure it out yet?

No, still struggling? Don’t worry, let me lay it out for you.

If my daughter’s mother is Teresa’s daughter, then that means we’re Teresa’s daughter!

Does it make sense now?

Of course, it does!

Don’t feel embarrassed if you struggled with this riddle, I struggled too!

Feel free to put your family to the test by seeing if they managed to answer this impossible riddle!


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