Solid Marriage Might Help You Live Longer, According To Psychologists

When it comes to living a long life, there may be a secret formula that your doctor has not told you about. Of course, they want to eat healthily and move. But did you know that having a long and happy relationship with your significant other can significantly extend your life?

This based on a study that was done between 1978 and 2014. It focused on a group of more than 19,000 married people. It was a widespread study in which people were asked to talk about different aspects of their lives. One of them was marriage. The study took a deep dive into the subject of the quality of those people’s marriages.


Psychologists looked back at the original study and they found something pretty incredible. Participants in the original study, who claimed to be leading a very happy or happy marriage, actually lived longer than the respondents to the study because they were not so happy about their marriage. The study had no bias and it showed that a happy marriage can help people live more.

The people that reported they weren’t so happy in their marriages didn’t have such a long lifespan.

The study also found that people in happy marriages have better overall mental health as well. It’s pretty obvious how having a loving, supportive partner leads to positive mental health. They received a strong flow of happiness from their partner that fueled their own.