Pick A Symbol to Reveal Your Spirit Message for Better Future

Set your intention and then pick which one symbol (1 – 6) stands out to you the most. Go with your first instincts.

1. If you picked 1:

It’s time to let go and trust the universe. Instead of trying to fight against what is, take a step back and let the pace and flow of life go. They are now being asked not to go forward and accept the present moment and that is. Your next step is revealed when you are calm and focused on your true goal. Avoid hasty decisions, mediate and let the silence guide you.

2. If you picked 2:

Borders are not a bad thing if they are built consciously and with guided intention. It’s time you set some of these limits, because too many of them will be dispelled! If you have clear boundaries, give your life a little structure and direction, that’s exactly what you need to focus on now. You need to focus on taking care of things that can not be planned and stop sharing your time and energy between people and situations that no longer serve your purpose. It’s time to take inventory, as disconcerting as it may seem. It will be your biggest ally now. It’s also the perfect time to clean the house to reduce the damage.

3. If you picked 3:

You are on the good road! Even if things are not always clear for you, this message should let you know that everything will be fine! You are now following your highest path and although you have many questions, the universe lets you know that you are guided and supported. Trust that everything works perfectly and with divine timing. You do not need to worry about the future or the past, stay present at all times and watch the magic of your life! If you have a big decision to make, you know that the answer to your decision is transmitted today through a synchronized message.

4. If you picked 4:

It is time to abandon the past. Too many of you are stuck with what is not focused on the present. If it is important to cry and take the time to heal, it is useless to tell the same stories all the time. Leave the past behind and rejoice now. You are asked to take the moment in your hands and do what you can. Power is in your hands to change the future. The only way to do this is to change your focus on the present moment. To drop the past, write it down or trust a friend, give yourself one last chance to review your old emotions, then release them. You can not move forward until you do it.

5. If you picked 5:

Things are going fast and it’s time to set new goals! Life has evolved at a rapid pace and it looks like the situation is finally gaining momentum, the perfect time to set new goals for this new chapter of your life. Start by going inside and discover what your heart really wants. Write down the things that make you happy and go for it! Think of your thoughts as a boomerang and pull straight into the sky. Until this comes back to you, continue your thoughts and your positive intentions. The message of the universe clarifies your intentions, because they are delivered!

6. If you picked 6:

They are too focused on the outdoors instead of looking inside. At the bottom of your heart are the answers to all your questions, but how can you hear them? Your head is full of disorder and your mind is confused, suppress the thoughts of your plate for a moment and look inside. Mediate, go for a walk, calm your mind and reconnect with the Divine. Spirit asks you to look for answers instead of looking for clues or outside clues. Now is the time to synchronize with the universe and everything that holds it for you, and you can only do it by thinking inward. Watch your thoughts today, but do not try to associate or judge them, go back to your inner self, and become aware when your ego is involved.


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