Only The Most Intelligent People In The World Can Solve These Riddles #1

Riddles are the perfect aid for keeping your brain alert and maintaining your intelligence. Not many people enjoy them, but the ones who do are truly special!

The following riddle is too difficult for a majority of the population. So do not feel bad if you do not get them right on the first try!

Are you ready to start?




Did you get it?

That’s right!

The answer correct is: 16

This riddle is easy as ABC, but almost nobody gets it right on their first try – can you do it?

Read the riddle carefully, because you never know, the answer may already be staring right at you! Look between the lines and make sure to read each individual word, often in a different context.

Hint: remember when you were at school learning the rhyme that told you how many days are in each month.

Can you do it?




Most months have 30 or 31 days – but how many months have 28 days?

Think twice before giving the answer. Don’t rush it! When you’ve decided, look beneath the picture for the answer!

The answer is that all 12 months have 28 days! Even those who have 30 or 31 also have 28, right? I have to admit that I got this one wrong!