One smiley stands out from the rest – almost nobody finds it within 10 seconds: Can you do it?

Most people can’t solve this puzzle in 10 seconds, according to youtube channel EG Mines. I made it just in time – but this one isn’t as easy as it looks!

A special detail

This picture contains 152 smiling emojis. However, one of them is a little bit happier than the other ones. It slightly stands out from the rest, but it’s not easy to find. Try to look for any different details!

So then, here we go. Can you find the smiley that stands out from the rest? You’ve got 10 seconds. Aaaand, go!

Did you manage to find the unique emoji within 10 seconds?




The answer is listed below. Look inside the red circle – one smiley has bigger eyes than the rest.

Did you manage?

This simple test will show if you’re smarter than average: Can you find the symbol that sticks out?

The challenge’s about finding the emoticons that stand out in the different pictures – and for every puzzle, you only have 10 seconds. If you take more time than that, you are cheating!

Let’s get started right away! Good luck!

1. Find the open padlock emoticon!

Did you find it?

Below you can see the answer!

2. Find the letter G among all sixes!

Could you find the letter G?

Time for the solution!

3. Find number 609!

Were you able to find it?

Here is the answer!

4. Can you find the boomerang in this last picture?

Did you find the emoticon?

Below you can check the solution!

In any case, were you able to complete at least two of the tests?