Never expect to get what you give.

Never expect to get what you give, not everyone has a heart like you.

11 Signs There Are Too Many Negative People In Your Life

Surrounding yourself with positive people is important because you are directly affected by the people around you. However, it is not always as easy as it might seem to detect people who are good for you. On the surface, they might seem superficially positive. Below are some signs, some of them less obvious than others, that a person might be bad for your well-being.

They Don’t Make Time For You

“No dude, I am just so stuck today”. Heard this line maybe yesterday, right? The negative people actually are very selfish – THEY NEVER REALLY HAVE TIME FOR YOU. You heard me right; it is only when they are free you will be the perfect person for them to hang out with. But when you need them, they are like, “I am stuck at my office”. If they had been positive buddies, the friendship would have been a both ways pertaining one where you would have always got your mate by your side.

They Put Down Your Dreams

Some so-called friends undermine you by discouraging you from pursuing your ambitions. Your friends should believe in you and celebrate your successes. A friend should also encourage you when things don’t work out. Negative people don’t do these things for you.

You Can’t Trust Them

Maybe your friend lied to you once, felt bad about it and confessed. This can happen sometimes, but a bad friend lies all the time. A person who lies to you doesn’t respect you, and you can’t build a relationship without a foundation of respect. You should never remain friends with someone who chronically lies.

They Claim to Be Victims

Some people seem to constantly look for someone to take pity on them. They may complain to you all the time, and you might think that in order to be a good friend, you need to listen to what they have to say. However, when the tables are turned and you need someone to talk to, they never have time.

They Are Full of Excuses

Nothing is ever their fault. They avoid conflict, and they have no interest in any of your problems and no time for you. Your real friends will engage with you honestly. The others are to be avoided.

They Don’t Pay Attention to You

You only get their attention if they are around you and your friends. When their friends or people they want to impress are around, they are too busy socializing to pay any attention to you. They also can’t seem to respond to emails or texts that you send.

They Are Users

When your friends are in trouble, you want to help them out. Unfortunately, bad friends can take advantage of that. They’re only nice to you when they want something. That something might be your time, some money, a ride somewhere or something else. Friend relationships aren’t supposed to be one-sided like this.

They Suffer From Jealousy

It is normal for some people to feel envy to some extent. You can help some of those people. However, a bad friend will be jealous of everything about you. The person might try to hurt you with gossip or in other ways. If the person does this a lot, you might want to think about whether the friendship should continue.

They Try to Change You

People should accept you instead of trying to change you. They might want to change what you look like or who you are. Whether it’s your weight, part of your personality or something else, you should never change because someone else tells you to.

They Judge Your Past

Spending time with other people usually means that you will reveal more and more about yourself. You may have made mistakes in your past, learned from them and moved on, but a bad friend can’t do the same thing. If your friend constantly refers to your past and uses it to belittle you, you should reconsider the friendship.

They Talk About You Behind Your Back

A friend who gossips about you is no friend. A person who has a problem with you should talk to you about it directly. People who gossip cannot be trusted. If you cannot set effective boundaries with this person, you might have to end the friendship.