Most People Can’t Solve This Horse Riddle – Can You?

How focused are you today? Let’s try your brain with this mathematical riddle. You might think, that it is too simple to even be worth your time – but don’t judge from your first glance. This brainteaser is harder than you think and it needs a good eye to spot the solution.


Can you get the solution? Let’s see how fast you are


Do you have an idea already? Really take a closer look to make sure, your theory is right.
A man buys a horse for $50. He then sells it for $60. The next day, he buys the horse back for $70. Only to sell it again for $80. So, did the man end up making or losing money? Or did he break even?





The solution is: The man man profited $20. He made a profit of 10 Dollar every time he sold the horse.