Mom finds pit bull dragging 7-month-old baby by her diaper after house goes up in flames

The pit bull breed has an unfair stigma surrounding it. Many people believe that these animals are ruthless k.i.l.l.i.n.g machines and this is a perception that is patently false. Stories like these prove that these dogs do not deserve to be talked about in this way. They are actually selfless creatures who are willing to do anything to help others.

When Latana Chai, a California mother, was home with her 7-month-old baby, Masailah, heard her pit bull Sasha barking at the back door at midnight, the barks were too frantic to be her normal barks. The dog was banging at the back door and Latana knew that something had to be seriously wrong for the dog to behave in such a way. Little did she know just how serious the situation was. The dog is typically a mild-mannered animal.

This obviously goes against the stereotypes that many people have when it comes to pit bulls, but Sasha is here to destroy all those stigmas once and for all. As soon as Latana opened the door, she understood what was happening. The neighbor’s house was on fire and Sasha was doing her absolute best to let Latana know what was happening before it was too late.

Not only was the fire raging when Sasha was letting Latana know what was happening but it was also in danger of spreading to her family’s unit! Latana ran back inside to make sure that her seven-month-old baby girl was safe. Little did she know that Sasha had already run back inside and taken care of this task for her. The baby was safe and sound and it was all thanks to Sasha.

The dog had grabbed the little girl up by her diaper and dragged her right off the bed. This definitely goes a long way towards puncturing the perceptions that are allowed to persist when it comes to these animals. Without Sasha, it is entirely possible that both houses would have gone up in flames with all of the residents inside. Her quick thinking was the difference between life and death.

No one in the complex would have been able to save themselves and Sasha deserves all of the credit. If you would like to find out more about Sasha’s daring rescue, please be sure to check out the video below and pass it along to all of the pit bull lovers that you know as soon as possible.

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