Mom Brings Newborn To Work Making Headlines When Boss Unknowingly Snaps Photo & Makes Remark Online

Moms know that although it’s definitely a rewarding process, caring for babies is never really all that easy. Even the most tireless of Energizer bunny-like moms have to take a break, even if it gets in the way of doing what you’re getting paid to do. Melody Jett Blackwell was enjoying one such quiet moment to herself when her boss caught her lounging around in an office chair as she cradled her newborn on her belly.


Melody was lucky enough to be given permission to work from home after she took maternity leave to have a baby, but at some point she knew she’d have to come back into the office to physically do her job. Although she was excited that her boss let her bring baby Nora-Jo with her, Melody’s mood changed after her boss made a very public comment about babies in the workplace.


Some moms make mommyhood look like a walk in the park, or at least that’s what Melody’s boss thinks. After snapping a picture of Melody in the middle of the day at the office, her boss thought the moment was too sweet not to share. After it was uploaded onto the Maryland Farms Chiropractic Facebook page, the two women never thought it would garner as much attention as it did. They thought it was just a cute pic.


“Workin’ mamas. She makes it look easy. It helps that Baby Nora-Jo is so sweet and content just being with and near her mama. Would y’all mind sharing this? We need more small and large businesses to see this is doable and should be allowed more often! The newborn months are so short. #WorkinMamas post a pic of you and your little ones while you work!”


Melody was allowed to work from home, but some days necessitated her being in the office to do things she couldn’t do outside of it. Her employer, though, allows her to take as many breaks as she needs for herself and baby Nora-Jo.


Melody told Love What Matters: “I know not every office and work environment is conducive for children and babies, but I think more places can be more flexible than they are currently.


“I think many families find it almost makes more financial sense for one parent to stay home, rather than go to work just to have most or all of their checks pay for day care.”

Melody’s story is a perfect example of how effective a proper work place and support network can be. We’re so happy to see both mom and baby thriving!


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