It’s very famous and viral math challenge!

A new math challenge is spreading online which isn’t easy to solve. The solution requires you to have sharp eyesight.

In the image, you can see four lines with mathematical operations. The first three have a result, but the last is unknown. The big challenge is to find the final result.


Ok, you are here because you enjoy math and work your brains. Good for you, you know the secret to keeping you young. Now let’s see if you got it right.




Hey, nice to see you back. Let’s tackle this viral math challenge that has people divided online. Let’s see what you got!


ANSWER: 8 so did you get it right?


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One man was moving to and fro in worry when a bright woman noticed him. On asking he told her that while replacing his tire, he incidentally dropped all the four nuts into a deep drain. She told him what to do and he was then able to drive back successfully till his office.

What did she say to him?



Take out one nut from each of the other three tires and use them to fix them to the fourth tire…..