Interesting Math Problem To Get Your Mental Juices Flowing. Can You Solve It?

We bet you probably did not see the point in primary school where angles were solved on triangles or even quadratic equations.

However, word problems teach us that math can have real-life applications if only you can connect the dots.

Right now, we want to see how well you can connect the dots. Let’s see the math problem of the moment.

Tom and Bob have a total of 49 apples. If Bob has 5 more apples than Tom, how many apples does each one have?


Have you been able to figure out the answer? If you have then that is good. Let’s find out if you were right. The answer is that Bob has 27 apples while Tom has got 22.

Are you wondering how we got that?

Since the problem tells us what the total number of apples is and that Bob has got 5 more than Tom, all we have to do is to subtract 5 from 49. That leaves us with 44.

Dividing 44 equally between both Tom and Bob, they will have 22 apples each. Do you remember the 5 that we left out earlier? Now, you add it to what Bob has and that makes 27.

Therefore, Bob has got 27 apples, and Tom has 22.


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