I’m getting too old for drama.

I’m getting too old for drama, gossip, and fake people who try to bring me down. It’s time for a big change.

9 Best Comebacks For Dealing With Rude People

Rude people are tense as well as stressed out.

While it’d be great to avoid them altogether, but in some situations it is impossible. For instance, if the rude person is a service staff, a customer, a business associate, a manager, or a co-worker, you need to talk to get what you want.

Rude people are everywhere, so it’s important to know how to handle them. Dealing with someone who is rude can be a tricky thing.

Thank You

When someone is rude and you say thank you, it will tell them that you were not affected by their words. It shows that you are mature because you are not angry or ignored. Saying thank you is usually an acknowledgment of thoughtfulness, but in this case, it shows you did not let the rudeness get under your skin.

When the other person realizes you were not impacted by their comment, it will completely shut them down. You can choose your reaction and the best one is happy. This ensures you remain positive and will not allow the rudeness of others to take away your power.


– “Why are you keep gaining weight?”
– “Thank you for worrying, but I feel fine.”

Appreciating the Perspective

“I appreciate your opinion” – When you say that, it means that you have decided to stay in the adult position, even if the person you are talking to is trying to get you into childish behavior.

If someone is rude to you, it actually indicates that they have a bad self-conception. They want to bring you down, but it’s up to you whether you let them. A remark like “I appreciate your opinion” shows dignity.

As a bonus, it can sometimes shift a rude person into a more respectful mode of discourse.


– “You should get a girlfriend/boyfriend!”
– “I appreciate your advice but I am happy being single.”

The Conversation is Over

When you are too angry to be civil, just say that the conversation is over. If you lose control, the conversation may be permanently damaged. Do not disrespect yourself by pretending the question or comment was acceptable. By taking the high road and ending the conversation, you will hold on to your dignity. This prevents a heated argument or a fight.


– You feel that the conversation is going nowhere and you cannot maintain your cool anymore: “Let’s change the topic as I don’t feel like arguing, and it won’t do any good for any of us.”

There is No Need to Answer

This is a particularly useful comeback to a rude person who is prying or making judgments on your personal life. It very clearly indicates that you are taken aback by what has been said, and yet it allows you to keep your cool instead of becoming irate.

Plus, if the person you’re talking to didn’t actually mean to overstep the line, they have an opening to apologize or rephrase.


– “What’s wrong with your love life?”
– “Do you really need my response?”

The Feelings

While this is something of a sarcastic comeback, it’s just mature enough to indicate that you’re not going to be deeply affected by the other person’s attempt to needle you.

It shows that you refuse to absorb their poisonous negativity, and most people won’t see the point in offering rude follow-ups.


– “You are stupid!”
– “That almost hurt my feelings.”

You’re right

It may be difficult to tell the person that they are right, but the conversation will be interrupted. There is nothing they can say after that. By saying they are right, you will end the conversation. This option will not satisfy you but will prevent the other person from enjoying the rude. All they want is to get a reaction out of you and this will prevent that from happening.


– “You are fat, you should lose weight!”
– “You are right.”

Commenting on the negativity

Tell the person you noticed they always make negative comments. This will make them give the things they say a second thought. This will force them to really consider their words and reconsider any comments they may make as time passes. It is never uncalled for or wrong to make a person question repeated and rude behavior.

If you think drawing attention to this behavior is the right thing to do, it probably is. The negativity of this person will impact on people other than yourself as well. You will help others by making sure this person is aware of their bad behavior. This will improve the future better for both yourself and others.


– “Your clothes look terrible on you!”
– “You always have something negative to say, don’t you?”

Stating you love them as well as yourself

This only applies in specific situations with your spouse, family, and friends. If you tell your boss that you love them, you risk getting fired or getting an extremely strange look. This statement should be used at your discretion. This comeback must be considered because it will effectively stop the rude.

Kindness will always win negativity. When there is light, darkness can not survive. When you tell the person how much you love others and life will make their statements irrelevant and take away their power.

Your zest for life and extreme happiness will overcome their bleak outlook on life as well as their sour mood. They will not expect this kind of raw emotion and chances are good their surprise will prevent them from making a response. You can use your words to increase the energy around you and instigate a much more positive conversation. There is no way this will lead you wrong.


– “Do you exercise? You look skinny!”
– “I love myself, and I love you too!”


A rude person will probably feel ridiculous and embarrassed if you do not even respond and simply choose to laugh instead!

Once again, you prove that your outlook and mood are not destroyed by this person’s cruelty or thoughtlessness. You can also diffuse some of the tension in the situation.

If you are dealing with rude people, you need to remember the following: You can choose your reaction in all situations. Choose positivity and happiness every time!


– “You are not married yet?”
– Laugh and say: “No. Not yet.”

So, moral of the story is simply to never confront rudeness with rudeness. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” We all know this. We just need to follow it. So, take that chill pill and act the dignified way.

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