If You Truly Love Her, Do Not Destroy Her

When a woman loves you, no matter how strong and self – sufficient she is, shi is giving you a lot of power over herself. She is givng you her whole self and with that, she is giving you a chance to break her heart. In a way, she is giving you an opportunity to hurt her and to run her.



It is just up to you if you’ll take that chance. It’s up to you if you will you her and take advantage of the fact that she is wearing her heart on her sleeve.

If you love this woman for real, don’t break her heart, don’t make her beg for your attention, don’t expect her to deal with your emotional baggage, don’t treat her like something temporary and never let her go. 

Instead, treat her like she is the only woman you could be with, show her how unique and special she is and how proud you having such a woman next to you.

Their something about her that you’ll never found in anybody else: whether’s it is her independence, her sense of humor, her wild nature and her beauty.


In case you genuinely love her, then try to keep her wild, beautiful and complete. Once she can’t stand your bad behavior she will leave and  there is no turing back. You’ll lose her forever in life.

And In case you love her then build her up, since she’ll do the same for you, what effort you put in, she’ll put in double.

Your girlfriend may be destroyed before, so she doesn’t want any destruction, If she is with you, remember that she has overcome her insecurities and fear to be with you. Moreover, she’s stepped over her past and chosen to give you a chance. That’s why you should not let her down.

Do not destroy her, try to become the man that’s able to embrace her rampant soul, her free spirit and her wild heart.


Love her by all your heart, respect her, don’t destroy her and never let her go.