If You Love her, Don’t Destroy Her And Don’t Let Her Go

“If I ever loved a woman, the more I loved her, the more I wanted to hurt her. Frida was only the most obvious victim of this disgusting trait.” ~ Diego Rivera



I love someone and I know you must also love someone. If you are a man, do you like him, some of them, somewhere, right? If you do that, do not destroy it.

There’s a thin line, between love and many other things, including hate.
I get it. This means the hurt is right there in the mix.

Here, let me show you. I will do a few things that you must remember. Stay tuned, it will be jerky and fast, but it will convince me anyway.

Bring awareness to your love for her.

This fortifies the relationship like you wouldn’t imagine. And strength is something you need in this world today to love in the correct manner.

Remember how she was when you first met, how she looked, talked and moved.

If she was wild, enjoy that and do not try to change it. After all, you chose her as she was and not as she could be. Point taken?

Keep it full and understand a delicate idea that will free you both. Although she is strong, she still depends on how you think of her to reinforce her identity. IT’s not that she can’t do it on her own, she just shouldn’t have to. Bet you’ve heard that one before, huh.

Please don’t destroy her if you love her, okay?

She’s been destroyed before you know, beaten down and spat upon in the dirt. She’s experienced degradation like you could never fathom, so don’t repeat this. I really don’t think this is what she’s looking for.

And her book, you may have read it but you didn’t.

It has so much more to offer than you know now. Even after years of learning, you will never understand how complex and beautifully complicated it is.

And don’t Be absent.

I don’t’ just mean physically absent. I also speak of emotional absence, where you are there but not there. Yeah, she noticed the difference.

And don’t NEED her, WANT her.

It is even destroyed when it seems to you that sharing your love is not important, and not only when you are alone. Do not love her, so she can heal you too. She will do it, but will not seek.

As for her, your love and patience matter, but she doesn’t need to be saved, okay?

And don’t look for perfection either. If she is broken, love all those pieces completely. Because who she sees in the mirror is who she wants you to love. IF you don’t, you will destroy her.

All the effort you provide, she will do twice that much.

If you love her, she will love you more.