If You Have Dreams About Natural Disasters, This Is What It Means

Dreaming about the end of the world

Many life-changing events can be considered “the end of the world”, including the loss of a loving friendship, the end of a marriage, the death of a child, or another heartbreaking situation that destroys all hope. The subconscious reflects the effects on the dreamer’s attitude. Dreams of the end of the world may include representations of destruction and liberation.

Some dreamers have even reported dreams in which a deity announces the time and announces “The end of the world!” The sun and the moon are drawn from the sky at the height of a great catastrophe.

Dreams about hurricanes

Hurricanes include heavy rains and strong gusts of wind. A hurricane raging in a dream can be the result of events in your life that slow your mood and torment your head. You can live an emotional period of great upheaval. The circumstances that lead to a hurricane dream can lead to an uncomfortable dispute with your spouse that jeopardizes the stability of your marriage. Or you may have witnessed a workplace disaster, a complicated situation that requires a lot of cleaning effort.

For those living in areas affected by frequent hurricanes, dreaming of a hurricane is usually only the dreamer’s fear that the next “big guy” will strike near his home. In some cases, of course, dreaming of a devastating hurricane could be a predictor of such a hurricane on the horizon.

Dreaming about meteor showers, asteroids and comets

The dream of cosmological events such as asteroids, comets or meteor showers may be a sign of a new era in the dreamer’s life. The dreamer develops in consciousness and the dream announces a period of upsetting events, accompanied by profound transformations of the soul.

Dreams about tornadoes

A dream in which a huge tornado destroys everything in its path is not a dream. It’s a terrible nightmare. The winds of all kinds in the dream represent the change. A tornado dream is probably a reaction or a warning of a big change. This change is so important that it could destroy your sense of security, your plans, your goals and your hopes for the future. Events such as the loss of your home following a foreclosure, the loss of your job or your move are all significant and terrible changes that could lead to a tornado dream.

But when Dorothy was swept away by a tornado in The Wizard of Oz that brought her into a new and transcendent experience, a tornado dream can mean the necessary subdivision of the personality and the replacement of the old identity to accept it. a new and enlightened. world Vision.

Dreaming about volcano eruptions

An erupting volcano can be a metaphor for people who have lost their temper. Perhaps you are the one who is ready to break with the rage that has held you too long. Otherwise, it could be someone near you who is out of breath. Dreams Volcanic eruptions, especially those in which the dreamer traverses hot lava flows, can cause sexual arousal or come into close contact with a partner’s sexual feelings. In these cases, explore the terrain of another person’s creative sexual nature.

Dreams about tsunamis

Tsunami dreams are quite common. Many dreamers report them as a recurring theme of their dreams. The dreamer is alone or with others on the beach when a sudden wave threatens to devour them. The dreamer usually wakes up before the tsunami reaches the coast or before being transported to the sea.

A tsunami dream is usually a major emotional problem that arises. Sometimes buried childhood memories can suddenly come out of the subconscious. These memories can be painful and accompanied by a lot of sadness. In this case, the waves of the tsunami are repressed emotions and emotions going back to the past. Whatever the emotional problem, it must be dealt with and resolved before the end of the tsunami dreams.

Dreams about earthquakes

The dream of an earthquake is a major reversal that represents things that are falling apart or about to be broken. Earthquake dreams of any magnitude are often reactions or predictions of economic hardship. They represent a way of representing the fact that you are no longer on a stable financial ground. An earthquake dream can also be a reaction or a prognosis of bad news, for example when you learn about the death of a loved one.

Dreams about floods

Dreaming of rising tide can be a reaction to emotional overload. Your dreams can tell you that your emotional well-being needs your immediate attention. The place of the flood could be a key to interpreting the meaning of the dream. A flood in the kitchen could mean that your heart is rising from sorrow and sorrow. Flooding in the bedroom indicates emotional problems with your relationship and the expression of your sexuality. When your living room is flooded, there may be emotional tension with your loved ones or friends. A flood in the bathroom indicates difficulties to relieve your sadness. A walk through the flood waters could mean that you can successfully pass your emotions by experiencing them fully.




















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