I know you’re tired.

To that one soul reading this. I know you’re tired, you’re fed up, you’re so close to breaking but there’s strength within you even when you feel weak. Keep fighting.

10 Signs That You Care Too Much About What Others Think

Do you hesitate to post something on social networks because you are afraid of what people would say when you do it? Or you can not wear your hair in a certain way because you fear that your friends, partner or parents will criticize you.

Oh, my dear. So many people are in a boat as you and it’s so sad in many ways.

Too many people never live their truths because they are afraid of what others might think of them … but then that’s not really and truly living, is it?

Look at the signs below: If you can understand the majority of them, chances are you’re spending too much time (and energy) worrying about what others think about you.

1. You evaluate yourself through other people’s eyes

At the end of a hard day’s work, you should be able to reflect on your efforts, achievements, and shortcomings. However, you should only think about how you worked the day before. Do not worry about how others have judged you throughout the day. For one thing, they probably didn’t take any of their time to evaluate you. Secondly, it will make you paranoid that people will always judge you and your performance will ultimately suffer.

2. You allow someone else’s opinion of you to dictate your self-worth

Some people do not like you and others do not like your choices, but you should not let their opinions affect your feelings. Feeling bad about yourself because of what someone says or how that person thinks of you gives that person too much power over you.

3. You let feedback stop you

Feedback from others can be instrumental in helping you become your best. However, if you value other people’s input too much, you may avoid doing anything that could lead to criticism. It’s impossible to live your best life if you’re focused on pleasing people.

4. You’re preoccupied with always saying the right things

Nobody wants to appear socially awkward. Ironically, the people who are most preoccupied with not looking silly in their interactions are the ones who are obsessed with trying not to look silly. Everyone said, “You too!” to their waiter when he said “Enjoy your meal!” and realized how ridiculous they looked after. Don’t let that kind of gaffe stick with you.

Do you really believe that the waiter goes into the back room and says to his colleagues: “Ha! The guy from Table 2 said” You too “when I told him to enjoy his meal! What a loser!” Seriously no one has time to do it. And you are not the first person to do it. Just let your interactions flow with others, and you will not be intimidated by everyday interactions.

5. You try to please everyone

Those who care too much about what others think are spending too much time to please everyone. The problem with this is when you do something for one person, and then another and another, you start a series of events in which you’re looking out for everyone else’s well-being at the expense of your own health. I’m not saying that you should be selfish throughout your life, but you must know when you’re burning yourself out because you have spent too much time worrying about other people.

6. You don’t put yourself first

This goes along with the last point. If you are constantly trying to please everyone, you will not spend enough time on yourself. When others thank you for your help, you often say that it does not matter, even if it was exhausting work that set you back on completing your own obligations. If you do not put yourself first, you’re subconsciously telling yourself that everyone else matters more than you do. It’s just not true. Put other people’s needs to the side, and enjoy some “me” time for once.

7. You have a hard time saying “no”

If you’re eager to please everyone all the time, you will end up doing more than you can. Most people want to prove themselves, especially in a new job in which their hard work can lead to a promotion. But, if you take too much, your work will suffer. This will further impress your boss: You have to take on so many tasks that you are awake all day, all week, that you have to call sick on Fridays or taking on a few tasks at a time and completing them exactly as needed? Saying “no” can mean a lot more to your career than you think.

8. You don’t give yourself enough credit

You probably have one or two interests that you are passionate about and you consider yourself an expert in these areas. However, as a group, you tend to downplay these strengths and act self-conscious about the knowledge you have about these subjects.

You can be intimidated by other specialists and would rather listen than take the chance of sounding stupid. But the worst that can happen is you receive feedback from others, which, as we mentioned before, can be used to improve yourself in the future. Go out and you’ll be surprised by how far it takes you.

9. You feel ashamed about your hobbies

Along with the last point, you often tend to get worse when you talk about things that really interested in. I write for a video game related website and love doing it. I could never have done that if I had a problem with people who consider me a “video game nerd”. Why should I care about what others think about my hobbies? They are my joy. Honestly, it took me a long time to overcome the idea that I do not need to worry about what “cool” or “in” is. Now, I use my expertise to report news and discuss current events about an industry that actually interests me, and I enjoy every minute of it.

10. You’re trapped in an unfulfilled life

If you are worried about what others think, you end up letting them dictate your life. You’ll give up hobbies that others think are “stupid,” and you’ll end up spending all your time running some errand for other people who, in the long run, don’t matter in your life. When your life becomes a repetitive job and there is no difference between Monday and Friday, you need to take a step back and take the time to understand what you want from life, regardless of what others think you should want.

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