Grandson Bring Grandmother On Legendary Trip Because He Finds Out She Has Never Seen The Ocean Before.

There’s a hard truth that everyone has to learn — our parents and grandparents won’t be with us forever. Time is much shorter than we think so we need to make the most of the days we have with the people we love.

One young man took this advice to heart. Brad Ryan decided that he needed a break from his life in Washington, D.C. He’d been feeling stressed from veterinary school and personal issues. He went back to Ohio to spend time with his grandmother, Joy.

While catching up with his Grandma Joy, he learned something that stunned him. In all of her 85 years, she had never traveled far from her roots. Despite being 85 years old, she has never been so far from her roots. She did nothing that Brad took for granted – to enjoy things like camping and the natural beauty of the ocean and mountains.

Brad and Grandma Joy started their adventure in 2015 and traveled the country to visit national parks. They managed to walk 29 and Grandma Joy finally saw the mountains she had dreamed of

She also finally got to see the ocean. The peculiarity is that she was allowed to see her with her beloved grandson. His adventure did not stop there. Both continued their journey. Grandma Joy was now in 38 states and counted. She saw sand dunes, caves, desert, and forests.