FedEx Driver Quietly Shovels Snow Off Widow’s Porch After Learning Her Husband Recently Died

Leigh Anne, a mother of three, lives in a small town in Nebraska. After a pretty nasty snowstorm, Leigh Anne tried putting air back in her tires but struggled to remove the stubborn cap.

The frustrated mother noticed a FedEx truck parked along her street and asked the driver, Brian, if he could help her.

She recognized Brian because she often sees him making deliveries throughout her neighborhood. He was more than happy to help her with her car.

The pair got to talking outside in the cold… and that’s when Brian learned about Leigh Anne’s heartbreaking situation.

Just a few months prior, Leigh Anne’s husband had died at the age of 42 after seven months of fighting cancer. Brian was touched by the fact Leigh Anne was now suddenly a single mother and widow with three young kids to raise on her own.

With this information, the FedEx driver went above and beyond the call of duty by making sure her porch was perfectly shoveled after the storm. Little did he know Leigh Anne’s Ring video doorbell captured his unsolicited kindness in action.

“Bells not only catch people stealing packages,” writes Leigh Anne on Facebook.

There’s nothing Brian can do to bring Leigh Anne’s husband back, nor anything much he can do to heal the pain of a broken heart. Even so, his act of kindness can be seen as setting a brilliant example of what one can do in such situations. It’s tiny acts of compassion that can often go so much further than people realize, especially when the benefactors are at a turning point in their lives.

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