Do You Have 3 Or 4 Lines On Your Wrist? If You Do, It Means Something Incredibly Special!

Palmistry is the art of characterizing and fortune telling through the reading of palm lines. Bracelet lines in palmistry are considered a part of the minor lines. They appear on the underside of our wrists. The most common number of bracelet lines for the majority of the people is two to three. Very few lucky people have the forth bracelet line. These lines can have several meanings related to ones’ health, wealth, destiny, prosperity and fame.


The first wrist line is the most important. It is the closest to the palm tree. If this line is clear and deep and does not have breaks, chains or gaps, it means good general health. If the line is weak, chained or broken, this may indicate a health problem.

If the first line goes to the palm of your hand or if it is broken, it indicates gynecological problems.


The second wrist line is used to measure the person’s expectations of wealth. This line tells about your prosperity, your prosperity and your happiness.

Ideally, this line should be interrupted without gaps or links. If it is highly defined or important, with no gaps or links, there is a good chance that luxury and prosperity are in your future. The cracks and breaks speak of financial difficulties.

If your first line is broken or weak, but the others are different, you can overcome the problems of your youth to ensure a more prosperous future.


Although most people have at least two lines, not everyone has a third. It refers to career, success and fame.

If your third line is solid and uninterrupted, it says a lot about your longevity and indicates that you are likely to have a tremendous impact on the people in your life – at home and at work. You are a person that people will remember.


The 4th line is the rarest of all, few people wear it on the wrist. If you are one of the lucky few with a fourth line, you can expect a long, long life.

The rare 4th line is parallel to the third line and is considered complementary. It also means that the awareness and influence aspects associated with the third line will be further strengthened.

A fourth visible line indicates a strong social presence and may mean that you will have many offspring.



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