Couple Born On Same Day And Same Hospital Marry After 27 Years

The future is always uncertain and full of surprises. Sometimes failures are necessary in order to achieve great success. Our fate for all is predetermined and we can not do anything about it. The story of this couple is a perfect example of the disqualification of beliefs. They were born on the same day and in the same hospital, and after 27 years they met and got married.


This love story begins in Morton Hospital, Massachusetts, on the 28th of April, 1990.



Their paths crossed again when they met as students in the same town they were born, Taunton. Jessica Gomes and Aaron Bairos were also introduced to each other by their mutual friends, after which they started dating.




Jessica perceived Aaron as different from the moment she met him, he was a decent man who made her laugh. They fell from the first day and knew they should be together.




Soon after they began dating they realized they have lots of things in common.

Besides being born on the same date, they also found out they were born in the same hospital.

Jessica’s grandmother kept the page of the newspaper where you can see the couple when they were babies.


When Jessica find out that Aaron shares her birthday, she did not believe at first and she thought he is just trying to impress her.


However, after showing their identity cards for a driving class they both enrolled for, the truth was revealed.

“Every birthday is a big running joke in the family, and we always celebrate every year with them and our group of friends. “– the couple said.


In November 2015, Aaron planned a surprise party and asked his friends and family members to hide in the Boston Public Garden, where he would ask her to marry him.

Jessica was shocked, that was not something she expected to see. She accepted his proposal and they got married on 9th September in 2017. The church they got married in is East Taunton, and is the same church where 5 of Jessica’s ancestors got married.


The parents of the couple laugh about how their children’s love story began and how it turned out in the end. They all believe there is something exceptional in all of this.

The fact that they were both born on the same date is just one piece of their entire romantic story.

They have just started their overwhelming conjugal life. Let’s hope that their love story will make people smile and help them restore their faith in love.



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