Choose Your Favorite Seashell To Reveal Your Deepest Secrets!

The tough, yet beautiful and delicate shell of many shellfish species can tell you amazing secrets of your personalitythat you didn’t know before. Shells can have different shapes and sizes and each presents you with differentpersonality traits. Check your preference when it comes to shells!

Choose your favorite shell from the picture below and find out what your choicemeans about you and your personality!

If you choose:

1. You are graceful

YOU are the person who always knows what to say, but also what to do in any Situation. YOU empathize With the others and you are very understanding. Your radiate peace, and bring a sense of calmness to everybody that you encounter.

YOU are affectionate and mature, sophisticated and have a compassionate side to you that others admire. YOU walk and talk gracefully and have good self-restraint and patience.

You love telling jokes, but also you know how to laugh at a good joke, even when it’s done at your expense.

2. You are overactive

You are always on the run and energy flows through all your pores. If you know how to channel your energy, you can do important things. You can notice opportunities at places where no one else can notice. Act on your intuition and make the most of these opportunities.

You have a magnetic and captivating energy, so wherever you go, you make quite a splash. You are fiery, adventurous, and you have a childlike nature. You love to get lost — either in your thoughts or in a new land — and you have a very active imagination.

Your creativity has no limits and you always have something interesting about the way. You like to keep busy and prefer to be doing some kind of activity, rather than just doing nothing. You like to keep occupied and you are not lazy. You are a social person and like joining groups or participating in events with the company of other people.

3. You are strong

Your determination helps you get everything you want. You are unstoppable when you start doing something and you won’t stop until you finish what you started.

YOU have good instincts and are a wonderful judge of character, so people always value and trust your opinions and intuition.

You are tough and you never show your weaknesses. At first glance, you don’t seem strong at all as you are and people are surprised when they discover your true potential.

4. You are relaxed

YOU prefer a free life, YOU do not like to feel confined to jobs and responsibilities. Whether With a painting or writing a poem, YOU know how to spend the most of your time to make your time an authentic work of art.

You are not looking for balance because you already have it. You manage to detach yourself from everything that matters with the daily. You love to get lost — either in your thoughts or in a new land — and you have a very active imagination. Because of this, you are very creative (though only a treasured few might know this about you).