Choose A Symbol To Reveal Which Phase of Life You Have Entered

Once you’ve found the symbol that feels important to you personally, scroll down to read more about its meaning.

1. The Athletic Phase

Self-obsession and narcissism are the most immature of all stages of life, most commonly found among those currently in the athlete phase. This is a time when people are worried about their appearance, their silhouette and everything else. Because of their immaturity, people live in this phase as if the universe revolved around them and only around them. They are blind to the struggles of others, and since it is also a selfish phase, they are not really interested in knowing it.

Ironically, if narcissism is an essential feature of this face, it also includes self-criticism and a lack of self-esteem. Although they are two extremes, they go together in the athlete phase. Ego of a person is greater than life and it is impossible to destroy it, or they lack self-confidence. They are constantly reflecting on their appearance and whether they have made mistakes in the way they decided to introduce themselves. Normally, people are stuck in their youth at this stage, but so are those who have been raised by narcissists. The first is more selfish, but the second is too self-critical.

2. The Warrior Phase

When you give up the athletic phase, people usually enter the war phase. At this point, they are more mature when they learn that they are responsible for the consequences of their own actions and that they take responsibility for those around them. In the war phase, learning begins. We learn to apply the knowledge gained to improve ourselves and the world around us. Some lessons can be difficult, but they are still necessary.

Success, ambitions and the desire to achieve goals also characterize this phase. This is not called the warrior phase because we are learning to become fighters in the true sense of the word. We are beginning to restrict our focus on this planet and the means to achieve it. Slowly, our future plans crystallize and we are experiencing great personal growth. The motivation to push harder for these plans to become reality is also reflected in this phase, and the wisdom you will learn will be invaluable afterwards.

3. The Declaratory Phase

The declaratory phase brings us to mature now by jumps and maturity. This takes you much further than the previous two and it can be difficult to deal with all these changes at the same time. This is the phase of life in which you can bring your own offspring to the world. During the previous phase, you learned to take responsibility for yourself and others. This is a good time for you to receive care of another life. It can be scary, but it’s also a very exciting time.

To have more than just children and educate them properly, in this phase you also think about what you leave them. You will realize how important it is to leave you a legacy you can be proud of. This is the right time to review all your past accomplishments and examine how they have affected your life, especially those that are important to you. While wanting your children to honor you, you also want to make sure that you are the kind of parent you can be proud of when you call yours, and you are ready to make the necessary changes.

4. The Spiritual Phase

The last phase to live in this life is the phase of the spirit. We realize now that the universe encompasses more than just the things we found in this material world. While wealth, relationships, beautiful objects and achievements were important, your spirituality takes precedence over everything else. More than ever, you feel your connection to the universe.

Our unity with our omnipresent spirit slowly develops in our consciousness and we become aware that we are only beings moving in space. Life is energy and has no beginning or end. Anyway, the trip must continue. Once you have reached peace of mind, your life will be centered on illuminating your light in the darkest places and providing food and compassion without anything waiting for you in return. You will find that you are striving to teach and guide others, so that they, too, can enter this phase of blessing. It’s an end, but it’s also a new and happy start.