Boy’s Posing At Disneyland When Strangers Notice Man Sneaking Up On Him Through Crowd

Disneyland has been called a paradise and “the happiest place on earth” for many reasons. Officially designated Disneyland Park, the site was built in 1955. It is the only theme park maintained by Walt Disney itself.


The reasons people go to Disneyland are many, but mostly because of the rides. They were built after classic and legendary Disney movies like “Indiana Jones”, “Peter Pan”, “Dumbo the flying elephant”, “Alice in Wonderland” and more.


A boy was very happy to go to Disneyland. He saw the movies and wanted to try the rides. He went with his family, but one person was missing – his father was away for five months because of his position in the navy.


At Disneyland, the boy’s family took pictures of him standing in the middle and smiling. It was already a magic day for him, but it should be even more surprising …


As he was having his picture taken, the boy didn’t notice that there was someone approaching him from behind.



The man, who was wearing a tan-colored Navy uniform, came and squatted behind the boy. That’s when the little one turned around and exclaimed, “Daddy!”



The man smiled and said simply, “Hi.” The boy quickly jumped into his arms, and the onlookers went, “Aww!” There was even applause from the crowd.


Understandably, the little boy seemed overwhelmed by what had just happened. His daddy kissed the side of his head. All the while, he was grinning and saying that his father surprised him.


His father said, “I’m home,” and the boy said how much he missed him. Their sweet reunion made a lot of people’s hearts melt into puddles. The crowd that formed around them couldn’t help tearing up at the scene.


The little boy’s father had been gone for months on end – but now that he was back, their Disneyland outing was going to be much more magical than ever expected!


It’s a beautiful homecoming surprise that requires a tissue or two


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