Believe in God, He Will Send You The Right Person At The Right Time

Dear God,


Today, I want to tell you that, I am tired of waiting to the right person come to me. I have opened my heart to men that only cause destruction inside the wall of my heart. And then, when he walked out of my life, he took a piece of my heart that I can’t never get back.

I don’t want to give my heart to a temporary person who don’t want to live with me the rest of his life. And I am tired of having to mend my heart after a failed relationship.

God, I am tired of,… But I am still hopeful, I know that finally I will find a man who see my heart as a home, I am not going to find him anymore because I know that God will send me a right person at the right time.

I believe that you are testing me, You test my bravery, my desire for love, my trust and my patience. And one day, you’ll lead me to a man that will love me as much as you.God, I trust you because you are the one, who love me more than any other, and you know exactly  what my heart desired.


Please help me to be patient and trust you during moments when I feel like the time is not moving fast enough. help me not to take matter in my own hands. and not to fall at the hand of man that are no good for my soul.

God, I am praying for a good, faithful man that will look after my heart. I pray that he aspires to love me like you do. Please bring me the man who is already praying for me too.


God, I thank you in advance for the amazing person that you will bring to me one day.