An Extremely Rare Pink Dolphin Gives Birth To Pink Calf

An extremely rare pink dolphin known as Pinky has given birth to a pink baby dolphin. The rare, unusual mammal according to The Sun was spotted seen swimming with a pink baby in the Calcasieu River in Louisiana.

The rare, colored mammal colored first came into the public fame around 12 years ago, when she was noticed by one captain Erik Rue, who saw her regularly swimming in the area and mating with dolphins.

According to experts, Pinky is a Rare River Dolphin who got the pink color from a rare genetic mutation. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) listed river dolphins as endangered. Its population is decreasing.

The birth of the calf gives us hope that calves have inherited their mother’s genetic mutation which would help in the effort of increasing the population of rare species.

Captain Rue explained that the dolphin is pink from its tail to the tip, and has red eyes. Its skin is smooth and glossy.

Pinky is not affected by the environment or sunlight but remains significantly below the surface than other animals.


She’s an incredible mammal that brings joy to locals, and guests love seeing such a wonderful mammal.

Bridget Boudreaux spotted Pinky and her calf in the river a while ago. She saw her swim and jump. Recognizing the mother and baby was a wonderful experience for her and she even asked the captain to stop the boat to see him better