A Decade Ago, Her Ex Threw Acid On Her Face – But Look At Her Now

Katie Piper faced a terrible tragedy more than 10 years ago at the hands of someone who said that he loved her. She managed to heal on many different levels and sets an example of the strength of the human spirit.



Today, Piper is the example of a beautiful mother and his wife who conquered life despite the fires.


Piper once worked as a model and TV presenter. She dated David Lynch for two weeks. Two days after that happened, she had to go to an internet café. Lycnh hired a person to throw sulphuric acid in her face when she arrived there.


After the attack, she was left blind in her left eye and severely burned.


The sun reported that she had to spend two months in the hospital after the incident. At that time she underwent 40 operations. In order to heal and protect herself, she had to wear a plastic mask 24/7 at one point in time.

Katie Piper did not let any of that stop her.


After about a year, she started the Katie Piper Foundation. This center was set up to provide burn victims with the services they needed, including medical tattooing, hair restoration, camouflage, and scarring consultation.

Katie also stretched her wings as a filmmaker. She made a documentary that won awards, and she was also featured as a guest on programs in the UK such as “Loose Women” and “This Morning”. She also presented on the shows Never Seen a Doctor and Body Shockers as well as working to launch her own show where she interviewed others with skin conditions called Face to Face.


Katie Piper Has Found Love and Started a Family


Eight years after this vicious attack happened in 2016, Piper married Richard Sutton. They had a daughter, whom they named Belle.


According to Mirror, she said “I feel so lucky to have met my husband, he’s a gift from God,” she said. “He’s an amazing person who changed my life for the better. He has given me our daughter and it’s one of the best things that has happened to me.”


She went on to describe her road to recovery. “In those early days I created barriers in my head about not being able to get back to work or not feeling attractive,” she said. “When I was single and dating my now-husband, I thought ‘he’ll never fancy me. this is going to go wrong. He won’t like me. What’s the point in going?’


But then I thought, ‘What do I lose?’ My experiences have taught me that confidence and happiness are life choices. It’s not luck.”

This woman has given women of all ages a striking example of how to overcome past experiences and be the woman they have always dreamed of being. She has devoted herself to bettering her family and her community.


Source: inspiretochange.org

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