8 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An Empath

What Exactly Is An Empath?

Many people are empathic but that is not the same as a being an Empath. An Empath is generally accepted to mean someone that can sense the emotions of others deeply. They also differ from other highly sensitive people in that they can struggle to differentiate between their own emotions and that of someone else.
Unlike the psychological definition of an Empath, the metaphysical understanding is more spiritual. It is believed that other energies are absorbed into their aura very easily.

Signs You’re An Empath

So, you may still be wondering if you are an Empath or not. Here are a few signs that may indicate that you are. Be honest with yourself while reading them. You may not experience all these things but should identify with a few to identify yourself as an Empath.

1) You’re highly sensitive

Yep, whether it’s watching a movie or the news, your body and emotions react intensely to what’s going on. When you see pain on others, it cuts you deep. Unfortunately, people complain that you’re “too sensitive” and need to “toughen up” but they don’t understand what you’re going through.

This is one of the reasons you avoid the news – the constant negativity really gets to you. But if you think this makes you mentally weak, you’re mistaken. If anything, it makes you a better healer and giver to those desperately in need of help.

In a world in need of constant repair, people like you are crucial to let the healing begin.

2) Absorb other people’s emotions

You can relate to other’s problems and frustrations easily, just as well as their triumphs and accomplishments. You listen intently to others and want to solve their problems or help them celebrate a positive event. More often than not, though, empaths tend to absorb negative energy.

They tend to sympathize with people and want to help them overcome problems. However, empaths can take on the problems and feelings of others as their own, which is why they usually feel burdened by all the imbalances in the world. If you wake up every day feeling like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, you are likely an empath.

3) You’re introverted

Your high sensitivity means that big crowds aren’t for you. It amplifies your empathy. You prefer deep conversations and meeting people one-on-one. Learning about others is what gets your juices flowing And when you learn about someone else, it makes you feel like you’re entering a whole new beautiful and complex world.

This makes you an amazing conversationalist, because the other person feels like they’re the only person on the planet at the time. You also need to time alone to recharge, as your emotional energy gets zapped in the presence of others.

4) You’re highly intuitive

You can pick up on others thoughts, feelings, and emotions without them having to say a word. You can even pick up on a person’s intentions, mood, and personality by their body language and overall energy. On some days, you might even feel aches and pains because of a negative occurrence in your town or even thousands of miles away.

You can just sense when something is amiss in the world, and often absorb the energies of everything around you without even knowing it.

5) You can become overwhelmed in intimate relationships

Being so close to someone can be difficult for you. Your emotional love for them can become overbearing to the point that you almost feel like you’re losing your identity. But at the same time, this makes you an amazing lover as you’re always looking out for them. You understand what they’re going through and you’ll always support them to reach their goals.

6) Narcissists are attracted to you

Narcissists are drawn to empathic people because they can feed off of the skills of the empath to help them. Narcissistic people often feel worthless or undervalued in their own lives and seek validation to make themselves feel better.

The problem is that their toxicity and constant need of attention can you make feel drained and undervalued. But once you realize that you don’t need to “save” everyone, you can spend more time working on yourself and give from a place of authenticity and genuine interest, rather than obligation.

7) You become replenished in nature

The busyness of cities and everyday life can become too much for an empath. But it’s the natural world that restores you. The awe you experience from mountains and oceans makes you realize that there’s something much bigger than yourself. It clears your mind and sets your priorities straight.

8) You have a huge heart but sometimes give too much

You’re always trying to heal the pain of others. Whether it’s a homeless stranger, or a close one that’s going through tough times, you’re so attuned to what they’re going through that you simply must do something to help. This can drain your energy and make it hard to be around those that are suffering.

But at the same time, you’re the ray of hope that so many people are in need of. As an empath myself, I’ve found it essential to protect my sensitivities. Whether it’s carving our time alone, or communicating to your loved ones your needs and wishes, I find that setting boundaries and limits can do your mental health wonders.

Being an empath is a gift, but you have to learn to take care of yourself.

It’s people like you that keep the dream alive for a more caring, humane world.

Source: hackspirit.com

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