7 Things You Should Stop Saying To Depressed People

1. “I really don’t get why you don’t want to go do things?”

Your friend, who was once very funny and likes to go out, is now filled with fear in her home. Show him love. Do not emphasize the fact that she does not want to go out – she already knows it. Help her to feel loved.


2. “You’re making this really tough for me.”

Don’t say that. That’s just making everything about you…and let me tell you, this is NOT about you. So, don’t make it about you


3. “So, does depression run in your family?”

I’m sure your friend will tell you if he wants to. Otherwise, it does not concern you, the time has come.

4. “Can you stop being such a downer?”

Did you know that people with depression actually CAN’T stop being such a downer. Um, that’s why they’re depressed. They aren’t faking it.


5. “You should count each day as a blessing.”


They know what depressive people do not need: a sermon. So do not preach. Just tell them how much you love them and appreciate them.


6. “Have you tried acupuncture? I’ve heard it works wonders…”

You don’t really need to suggest remedies to someone without them asking for them. Especially strange or expensive ones.


7. “Let’s go out tonight– you’ll feel better.”

Depression does not work that way. You can not just get rid of it. Do not let people do things they do not want to do.