7 Obvious Signs That Guardian Angels Are Protecting You But You Don’t Know

So whenever you believe an angel is near you, you may want to take a look at some of the signs that will tell you whether you are right.


1. Feathers

Finding a feather is definitely a sign of an angel who is by your side offering support. If you find it in an unusual place, such as your home, that is an even more powerful sign of an angel being around and protecting you and your home.

2. Clouds

Angels are likely to reveal their presence by creating angelic clouds in the sky. In this way, you can usually find they are there for everything you need.

A heart-shaped cloud, on the other hand, is a message your angel wants to send you about your closest relationships.

3. Scents

The beautiful perfumes that come from nowhere tell us that an angel announces his presence. This could be the smell of flowers, chocolate or some other characteristic smell.

We may sometimes even smell the perfume of someone we loved but is no longer around us. Their signature scents are there to remind us that they love and guide us.

4. Babies and Animals

If you have ever noticed a baby staring at the ceiling and giggling, that’s usually because they see angels. It is believed that animals and young babies get to communicate with “the other side” easily.

The guardian angels are always there, we just have to look closely and learn to read the signs and messages they want to communicate with their presence.


5. Music

Sometimes we think we’ve heard angelic voices singing in the choir. It is beautiful music that seems to come from outside the physical world.

Others think that angels communicate with us through recurring songs on the radio. Pay special attention to a common theme among the songs you like – this could be a message from your angel!

6. Coins

If you find a coin on the street or someone gives you a dime, it could be a message from your guardian angel that financial help is coming to you.

7. Sparkles of Light

How many times have you been alone in a room and caught a glimmer of light out of the corner of your eye? Unexplained shimmers of light, flashes of color or floating orbs that appear without an actual light source are clear signs that your angel is in the room!

Have you ever seen a sign when you needed it? Think of your dead father, for example, and you will suddenly hear his favorite song on the radio. This clearly proves that the deceased know that you are thinking of them.

No matter what, these little signs are reassuring treasures that remind us all that we are not alone.