6 Signs That Your Friends Are Taking Advantage Of Your Personality.


Here are six main signs show that your friends are taking advantage of your personality.


1. They only talk about themselves.

They tend to stick to light topics about themselves like vacations, dating life, and how their day went in general. If you are lucky, they might ask you about how your day was after going on for about ten minutes about themselves.

2. You always start the conversation.

Reaching friends should be a level street, but the friends you enjoy will make no effort to contact you. It may take some time for the pattern to appear the more you allow it.

3. They only talk to you when they need you.

Building on their lack of effort to contact you, it comes across that when they do contact you it is more of them needing something rather than just to show you that they care about you and were thinking about you. Do you think it’s your friends doing things out of courtesy, but not because they want it? Do you do this when you ask them to do something or help you with something?

4. You’re always there for them.

You will find that because you are always good at seeing the best in people, you are the first person that they want to contact when they are feeling bad about themselves. They expect that you will make them fill better by paying them compliments and often fish for them rather than letting you provide them naturally.

5. They never return the favor.

All they do is shake you and give everything back to the other. They help by providing a strong support system. However, if you need it, you turn away and quickly try to change the subject.


6. You could count the times they’ve helped you on one hand.

You can often remember when you were there to help them without ever asking for it. At some point, you will notice how many times you have helped them without receiving anything from them throughout your friendship.