6 Phrases Narcissists And Sociopaths Use To Make You Feel Crazy

I think at some point or another, we all had fights with sociopaths. People who get into your mind maybe seem innocent but just want to manipulate you for their benefit.

Sometimes they are family members, sometimes friends, members of the clergy or colleagues. They can really appear anywhere in your life.

When it comes to the different types of people we find in our lives, narcissistic manipulators are among the most toxic of all.

They are people who only care about themselves and will stop nothing to get what they want. Narcissists will always selfishly place their needs, emotions, and goals above anyone else when they’re making decisions.

They won’t think twice about taking advantage of someone if it is to the narcissist’s benefit. Their relentless quest for personal power and success is why they’re so manipulative, deceitful, and hard to be around.

Here are 6 phrases narcissists and sociopaths use to control you:

1. You Are Just _____.”

You can fill in the blank with any content. Your husband returns home a few hours later than normal and smells of another woman. When you say something, he says you’re just jealous. A sociopath will call you names and deflect the criticism onto you.

You might have a valid reason to be jealous, crazy or whatever the sociopath is blaming you for. Instead of listening to your complaint and talking about it, the sociopath will try to put you in insecurity. They really believe that the problem is everyone except them.

2. You Just Don’t Understand Me.

Psychologists call phrases like gaslighting. Basically, gaslighting happens when someone flips the negative criticism onto the other person. The sociopath did something wrong, but they are not going to take the blame for it. Instead, they say it’s your fault because you just did not understand what they were really trying to say. They might also deliberately misunderstand what you are trying to say so that they can escape any blame.

3. You Are Too Sensitive.

Narcissists and sociopaths only care about their own feelings, goals, and needs. When you feel hurt or upset, they will place the blame on you. They think that it is impossible that they could do anything to make you upset because they do not believe that they are ever wrong.

Instead of apologizing, the narcissist will tell you that you are too sensitive. They will defend their own actions and find excuses to wash away their guilt. For a narcissist, you are always the problem.

4. You Are Too Dramatic

You are upset, but your partner or family member will not listen. They try to dismiss your emotions by saying that they are not valid. You are being too dramatic or reading too much into it. Even if you have a very clear, logical argument, the narcissist will tear you down and make you question your self-worth. Before long, you are wondering if your feelings and ideas are actually true.

5. You Are Reading Too Much Into the Matter

This is another common statement of sociopaths. When they do not like the argument, they will try to tell you that your feelings do not matter. They want you to question your own feelings rather than question them.

Unfortunately, a sociopath makes you read too much into everything. They only care about themselves and often do things that make you paranoid or confused. When you point this out, they will try to make you seem like the crazy one.

6. You Would Never Survive Without Me

Narcissists and sociopaths want to break you down so that you never leave them. If they know that you are an intelligent and capable person, they will manipulate your emotions. Over time, they will gradually reduce your ego and self-confidence. They will tell you that you are nothing without them. According to the narcissist, you are worthless.

Everything narcissists and sociopaths do is to gain control over you. They want you to feel crazy to never leave them. Do not believe what they say. You were a happy and confident person before meeting them. Once you end the relationship, you can be happy and confident once again.

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