5 Situations It Is Definitely Better To Keep Hold Your Tongue

The truth is, there are times when it is better to stay quiet in order to avoid unnecessary conflict.

There are some situations when it’s just better to listen than speak. Many times, staying out of the conversation allows you to better understand those who are taking part in it. This is because you can observe their gestures and how they express themselves. Often, staying quiet is quite beneficial, and in these seven situations in particular, it’s best to hold your tongue.


1- When others are gossiping

People like to gossip, it’s as simple as that. It may seem entertaining and fun, but don’t fall into the trap of talking about others. The next time someone talks about your friends or someone you know, avoid making any comments. Just listen and you will learn a lot about not only the person who is talking, but also who they are talking about.


2- After a really obvious mistake


When someone messes up or makes a blatant mistake, it’s better to keep your thoughts on the situation to yourself. In the moments right after these kinds of things happen, often we can make hurtful or even false accusations, so by refraining from commenting, you avoid falling into this trap. Don’t give in to the temptation of telling that person they were wrong every chance you get.


3- When you are the expert


We all excel at something, but going through life shouting it from the mountain tops is not the best thing to do. Although you may feel the need for others to recognize your expertise, try only mentioning it when truly appropriate.


4- If you know a secret that could play to your advantage


If you find yourself in a situation where you know something that could improve your life, your finances or any other aspect, but that could affect the well-being of others, do not say anything. The situation can be complicated because you might be tempted to say something. But if you say something, you might think of someone who is not very trustworthy. Even if you do not believe it, it can be more useful in the long run if you stay calm.


6- During the disputes

Rest. Listen Wait. These are the times when we say things that we could regret later. It’s never a good idea to say something when you’re upset. You can chat with your boss, your parents, your family … but if the debate turns into an argument, it is better to remain calm.

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