5 Signs That It’s Your Soul That’s Tired, Not Your Body

And it’s time to give her time? reset?

When we are in a prolonged depression, our soul gets tired, writes The Power Of Silence. We want to smile, to enjoy life, but somehow it does not work. We still feel depressed and tired.

What is the reason? Perhaps your soul needs rest. You can’t ignore her needs, otherwise, your energy will soon run out. This can lead to very serious consequences – chronic anxiety, mental problems, and terrible disease.

Are You Struggling With Exhaustion Of The Soul? Watch For These 5 Signs:

1 – Not loving yourself.

This is the deadliest sin of all. If you do not learn to love yourself, your soul will start giving up on you, without a doubt. You may not know this, but in reality, your soul wants your love and attention, and if it does not get it, there is a high chance that you will slowly start hating everything in your life. Make sure you love every little thing in your life. It could be the way you walk to how you look. Learn to accept yourself and this is the best gift you can give your soul. A living soul is a loving soul. Love it, cherish it and it will love you back.

2 – You struggle to get a good night sleep and regardless of how much sleep you get, you’re still feeling exhausted.

At night, you feel extremely restless and on edge, unable to calm your mind long enough to fall asleep. If you can focus your mind long enough to distract yourself, you’re met with intensely realistic dreams, sometimes even nightmares disrupt your attempt to find any rest.

If you have a good night’s sleep or even a quick nap, it can help relieve physical fatigue, and sleep does nothing for tiredness of the soul. You can get all the sleep in the world, but if your soul is tired you’re still going to struggle. Even if you can quiet your mind and drift off for a night, you will wake up feeling just as exhausted as you were when you originally crawled into bed.

3 – Negative feelings of bitterness, anger, resentment or jealousy control your mind.

Everything around us is created from and controlled by the energy we feel, both positive and negative. When the soul is tired, it is no longer working to manage this energy in our lives. Therefore, it’s incredibly common for the negative energy we experience to increase. This triggers toxic feelings, including anger, frustration, bitterness, resentment, envy, and jealousy. Try not to allow these feelings to consume you.

Your emotions and feelings are more intense than ever before.

There are those who are highly sensitive and emotional and feel every experience deeply and without restraint, while others are better adept at managing their emotions. However, when the soul is exhausted, even those with the greatest restraint will find them to be overwhelming. These intense emotions can make you cry when you drop off a hat or lashing out in uncontrolled anger.

4 – An unrelenting feeling of loneliness may set in.

Many who feel the exhaustion of the soul will find themselves distanced from friends and family members, not necessarily in physical distance, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually distanced. You may find yourself questioning your ability to trust or rely upon others, instead, feeling lonely and alone in the world.

5 – Thoughts of your future leave you feeling scared and unsure.

The future is uncertain and, although we are aware of it, we tend to let our mind wander to odd places and think about problems that can possibly go wrong. While doing this, we forget that we are actually damaging our soul, as all the negative thoughts and tensions slowly build up within us, taking over our soul.

Instead of spending your time thinking about what could possibly go wrong in the future, try to live in the present and enjoy the moment. Your soul is born free and without fear, help it remain so.