5 Signs Show That Your Soul That Is Exhausted, It Need To Rest

Life can be stressful and sometimes, a long period of stress can affect our body in ways that we cannot understand. We might feel exhausted all the time and nothing will seem worth it. It might be due to the immense stress you feel your soul is tired. It will take time to heal, but you have to identify why something is happening to you. Or else, it could lead to serious mental issues like depression or anxiety.


1. Exhaustion

There’s always a sense of perpetual exhaustion that is running through your entire body. As a result, even if you don’t want to, you might fall asleep at odd times and then find it difficult to wake up. On the other hand, when it is night and the hour of sleep arrives, you become restless and fail to get any bit of sleep. And if you do fall asleep, you experience such nightmares and intense dreams that you feel like your reality has shifted.


2. Aching all over

Your body is not healthy and it indicates it every time. You feel an aching sensation in every part of your body, even though you are not feverish. There may be times when you feel stomach aches, dizziness, headaches, and tensions, but you could not quite point out what the reason for all these could actually be.


3. You can’t really tell what is wrong with you

There is something wrong with you, but you really can’t tell what that can be. You know it is a complex mix of emotions and even if someone asks you to tell them why you feel like this, you are completely stumped. It’s because whatever you feel is so personal and complicated that it becomes difficult for you to express it in words.


4. Fragmented reality

The world around you is fragmented, or at least that is how you are perceiving it. Your body and mind are not in sync. As a result, whatever you perceive with your sense organs become distorted as you receive it. Reality has somehow changed for you and you are not in terms with it anymore.


5. Intense Emotions

You are ruled by emotions and they can be really difficult to control. During this time, your emotions are always at a high and it feels like you have no reason why you should be suddenly crying. But, you do it anyway. The intense emotions that you are holding in your heart make you feel like you can fall in love at any moment or you are going to break out of it – and as you feel the emotions surrounding it, you respond to it by feeling down.

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