5 Reasons Why Second Love Is Way Better Than First Love

There is always something special about the first crush we have in college, the first person we meet, the first person we kiss and finally the first person we are in love with. The joy and thrills of our first are far from unmatched. On the other hand, our second love brings us more stability and a more balanced vision of things.


1. Breaking up

Sucks, does it not? Our second love comes to our rescue, helping us work on our heartache and look at life and love differently. We find the strength in ourselves to move on and fall in love again, letting love win over our pain and sadness.


2. Healing

When our first love leaves us, it leaves behind permanent scars. We are in the pits of despair, wondering if we will ever fall in love again. We keep on thinking if we do fall in love again, we will be vulnerable. But this is when our second love walks in, telling us that we can love again! It heals us, making us fall for them way more deeply than we had fallen for our first love.


3. Trust

When it is our first love, we are naive and we trust them with all our hearts, in a silly, childish way. However, when it is our second love, things are different. We trust with a maturity that ensures safety but also brings closeness between two people.


4. Security

After the first tear of heart, we will probably fall in love with people who give us better security. This ultimately leads to a better relationship because the two people involved in the relationship are on the same page.


5. Understanding


Well, it’s pretty easy to understand. The experience helps you to better understand and meet the needs of your partner. As we all know, this is part of a healthy relationship.

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