5 Great Lessons You Can Learn From Children.

Oftentimes, people think that children are in the world for the sole purpose of attaining guidance from and submitting to adults. Yet in many cases, the actions and attitudes of children are a healthy model for adults who are seeking to learn about how they can lead healthier, productive lives. Below you’ll find just a few of many lessons you can learn from children:

1. Express yourself

Children are honest in their behavior in most cases. When they feel happy, they jump, dance or laugh. When they feel sad and uncomfortable, they scream and burst into tears. No matter what they feel, they express it without worrying about what others might think of them. In this way, no thought or repressed emotion accumulates in their psyche, which is why most children are carefree and relaxed.

Adults, however, tend to suppress themselves. They decide to hide their true thoughts and feelings in order to feel less vulnerable. Because they are constantly worried about what others think of them, they prefer to behave “normally”. When an adult man begins to cry, when he is sad, people may think he has a weak personality. When he dances, when he is happy, people may think that he has gone mad. Fearing these types of reactions, most adults choose a social mask to hide from others. However, it consumes a lot of energy – they make enormous efforts to stay in this state of hypocrisy, thus making them neurotic and developing all kinds of psychological problems.

2. Enjoy the present moment

As you get older, people usually live with time and schedule. More specifically, they are constantly thinking about the next activity, the proximity, the deadline, the appointment, etc. Such an organization is important for the success of life. However, working in this way does not allow you to live and enjoy the present moment.

It is important to know that the temporal reality of a child differs from that of an adult. In particular, understanding a child’s time is not limited by things such as dentist appointments, a contract to be sent by the end of the day, or a professional meeting that begins. 15 hours.

Instead, they appear in schools, at tables and in their neighborhoods, with an open mindset that allows them to be fully present in everything that happens around them. By approaching reality with this attitude, you can fully enjoy what is happening instead of allowing you an exhaustive list of tasks that prevent you from living the present moment.

3. Admire the world

Existence seems to be a miracle for every child – a huge cosmos full of bright colors, harmonious sounds, beautiful scents … a mystery that can not be expressed in words.

Children admire the world and find deep joy only when they discover what surrounds them. They are curious to learn about the reality of existence – they want to explore, experiment, learn and discover. Adults, however, have lost the ability to admire. They are so used to their stressful and miserable lives that they pay no attention to the beauty that our world has to offer and therefore can not appreciate it. Everything seems normal and boring for her.

Life is an amazing gift that has been donated to us for free and kids can remind us to be thankful and make the most of it, as long as we have the chance to experience it.

4. Be playful

Whether they play in the mud, with animals or with each other, it is safe to say that most kids love to play. Because it is fun to play and can generate knowledge, it is not surprising that this type of involvement in the world can bring great joy. However, most adults often do not do enough. Do not make this mistake. Instead, get used to playing for no reason. This means that you do not have to play with an end goal. You can do things simply because they are fun!

5. Return to innocence

Look deep in the eyes of a small child and you will have a glimpse of innocence. To be innocent means to be free from shame and guilt, to be open and to have a confident heart and pure intentions.

Adults have lost the natural innocence of children. They are afraid to open up and trust their peers. Instead, they decided to build high, thick walls around them to mentally protect themselves from others. They are intelligent, competitive, aggressive, acquired and exploitative. It is not surprising that they are full of shame, remorse and sadness.

We are all born innocent, but most of us tend to lose our innocence when we reach adulthood. By being in the presence of a child, we can reconnect with our inner child and recover our innocence. Once that happens, we will live in a completely different way: a kind of beauty, joy and contentment.