15 Wedding Photos Showing Another Side of This Event

All wedding albums are very similar: loving newlyweds, happy guests, and the cutest children. With the same poses, similar subjects, and the same program, we are almost accustomed to seeing twin weddings. But not everyone keeps the same pictures of this important day in their wedding albums.

We found wedding photos of people who have an excellent sense of humor and a talent for capturing the right moment.

“If you want to wind up in the same country as your tuxedo, don’t fly Delta Airlines.”

© Zebidee / reddit

“My little cousin after an all-day wedding affair — the suitcase contains his travel toys.”

© sruvolo / reddit

When bridesmaids look like a flowerbed:


Who said that wedding photos have to be sensitive and tender?

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When the wedding photographer didn’t like you at first glance:

© GallowBoob / reddit

Probably the worst thing to happen at this wedding.

© Mindy

A good photographer knows how to choose the ideal time for a shot.

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No, it’s not the groom. It’s a guy whose task is to scatter flower petals.

© OctopussSevenTwo / imgur

I’ve got bride in the palm of my hand. Am I doing it correctly?

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First time — an accident. Second time — a coincidence. Third time — a pattern.

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The bride broke her leg a week before the wedding, but this did not stop her from dancing the first dance.

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Whose picture are you taking? Mine?

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This boy was the son of one of the friends of the groom. And yes, everyone paid more attention to him than to anyone else.

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Nothing unusual. Just a bear marrying a couple

© argyles / imgur

She stumbled at the perfect moment.

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