10 Ways To Attract More Positive Relationships

Do you think you attract more negative relationships than positive? You may try hard to develop good, stable, and positive relationships in your life, but somehow you end up with the opposite. How come?

The truth is, happy relationships don’t happen overnight. They take time to nurture and grow into strong, long-lasting ties which bring happiness and love into your life.

But, how to stop attracting negative relationships and start developing happier relationships in your life?

Here are a few keys to allow more positive relationships in your life.

10 Keys to Attract Positive Relationships in Your Life

1. Be in positive environments

A positive environment isn’t difficult to determine. It’s one that’s inviting and makes you feel included. When we’re surrounded by negativity, we can think the unpleasantness displayed by people is somehow normal. Think about whether or not the people around you are bringing positive or negative energy into your life.

2. Stop complaining and don’t let others complain to you

It’s time to set some boundaries for you and those around you who complain all the time. Although listening to a friend about what’s worrying them means you’re a good listener, it’s no longer good if that person is always complaining to you.

It drains your energy and leaves you worried, angry, or sad. And, that cannot be a positive relationship. It’s the same if you are the one who complains all the time. It’s time to break the cycle and start to develop happier and healthier relationships in your life.

3. Love, support and believe in yourself

Become a priority in your life and start loving yourself for the person you are. Only in that position, you can attract happy, nurturing relationships which support your dreams and goals.

It’s easier to be drawn into toxic relationships if you have a negative view of yourself. Make a point of building yourself up, not tearing yourself down. Take time every day to express gratitude for who you are and all that you contribute to the world.

While it might sound corny, believing in yourself is crucial for bringing positivity into your life. If you’re able to think highly of yourself and trust your judgments, there’s hardly any limit to your potential.

4. Don’t dwell

Your past is part of who you are, so it’s not easy to just let go. But, you should realize that letting your past go is not about forgetting, but about releasing yourself from the emotional hold it has on you.

5. Try to see the best in people

Focus your energy on the positive qualities of people, instead of pointing out the worst in them. Your goal should not be to flatter the person, nor to ignore their dark side, but to find the gold in happy relationships and improve the communication in more challenging ones.

The fact is, if you want to connect with someone, you should recognize their qualities and make sure they know you appreciate them.

6. Learn to say no

It might seem like saying “yes” to everything will make you more popular. After all, who doesn’t want to be seen as agreeable? However, doing so can just make you a doormat for people who know how to take advantage. “No” is a short and simple response to avoid something that makes you uncomfortable, and you don’t need to explain it.

7. Enjoy the moment

Don’t wait for the good times. Let the good times reveal themselves whenever possible. People find themselves dissatisfied because they have a preconceived notion of what happiness is supposed to be. Happiness in life means finding splendor in the minutiae. When you’re around positive people, you can learn to appreciate people for who they are.

8. Stop worrying all the time

You may often worry about things you can’t control, which makes worrying practically useless. In fact, the only thing that will bring to your life is anxiety and negativity.

Instead, try to eliminate worry by doing something productive that will take your mind from the negative thoughts and direct it into something meaningful.

9. Redirect the energy

Along with attracting more positive relationships in your life, you can also try to change the vibes in a relationship that’s generally negative. If, for example, your colleague is annoying, instead of being annoying back you can try to redirect the energy.

Start another approach by saying how effort they put in or at least comment their fancy shoes, and after a week the vibes will probably start to change.

10. Be happy with what you have

Don’t be itching for material goods or a lifestyle that you don’t have. Even if these are attainable, they’re not going to give you any long-term satisfaction. To truly appreciate life and have strong relationships, you need to learn to appreciate what you have now. There’s no sense in resenting your circumstances. Instead, you should learn to find the good in them. Otherwise, your life is just going to be unsatisfying.

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