10 Times Things Got Out of Hand Without Mommy

Parenting is one of the most satisfying experiences in our lives. We are blessed to be able to raise a kid and teach him/her many things that will guide the next generation to make this planet a better place.

There’s a reason for parenting being their greatest joy as it gives them a chance to express themselves as they are. As someone has rightly said it, when there are a child and a father at home there are two kids one small and the other a big kid.


This mouse pad is so strange.

It’s so hard to tell them apart.

Drew eyebrows on my kid, was not disappointed…

The cake is ready!

Well, at least they’re clean now.

This dad clearly tried his best.

“Hubby takes our 2-week-old son every morning so that I can catch up on sleep.”

“My boss brought his son to work today.”

Just checking to see how strong the stroller is.

Where is my mommy? I need someone else to torture!