10 Times Tall People Hilariously Overshadowed Short People

Both tall and short people have their own struggles to face. But wait till the time you see these photos of tall people with short people standing next to each other. Then you’ll see the ridiculous comparison that’ll make you  jaw drop and laugh.


Here are some pictures when tall and short people sit next to each other.


The Dutch Giant at McDonalds in the Philippines

Protection Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Buddy Of Mine Who Stepped Up And Got Married

Trying To Fit Entire Body In The Shot

A Friend Of Mine At A Recent Checkup

My 6’0″ Girlfriend And Her Minions

The Mountain From GOT With His Wife

“6’8 Me With My 4’10 Friend Jackie”

“When You’re At A Wedding And There Are No Close Snack”