10 Things to Remember When You Feel Lost and Alone

There are more than 7 billion people on this planet, yet still we sometimes feel so lonely. Even though it is paradoxical, most people can relate to feeling so lonely at times like there is nobody else around. These feelings are not useless because they often teach us lessons and give a deeper meaning to our emotions. But the next time you feel lonely, think about the following 10 tips to overcome loneliness.


10 things to keep in mind when you feel lonely

1. Feeling lonely reflects your relationship with yourself

Sometimes we can feel alone even when surrounded by people. It happens to everyone. However, if you really think about those emotions you can realize that you actually don’t have a connection with yourself which interferes with your ability to connect with others. Spend time doing things you love. Some find solace in alcohol, drugs or excessive shopping, but you can do many healthy things to enjoy your time alone.

2. There are always friends or groups with common interests

Finding like-minded people can help you reduce any feeling of loneliness. Try joining local groups such as hiking, cooking, running etc. There are lots of organizations in various fields of interest that hold weekly or monthly meetups. These meetings can help you find new friends and connect with people you have things in common.

3. Most people have felt exactly the same you do now

Everybody has experienced loneliness at least once in their life, so try to remember that you are not alone in feeling lonely. There are lots of unanswered questions about life, so talk to people about your feelings. Their experiences and advice can help you expand your horizons and realize there are others who can relate to how you feel.

4. In order to find yourself, allow yourself to get lost

We were born and raised in a society with standards we have to fit in, but once we detach from those expectations and to what we want to do, we can redefine ourselves. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Take small steps into a new territory and replace your fear with curiosity.

5. You were made from the same unseen force as everyone and everything else

Everything around you comes from the same place you did, which makes us connected. Our feeling of detachment is only an illusion. The next time you feel lonely, go out and spend time in nature. Connect with the beauty of it and other life forms. Getting in touch with yourself can help you realize you are a part of everything surrounding you.

6. Learn how to go with the flow of life

No matter what happens, embrace it and keep going. Even if it is bad, anything you encounter has something to teach you. We often isolate ourselves because of fear, but never allow the past to influence your present. When you stop overthinking and just live, good things will always follow.

7. Helping others helps us as well

If you want attention and understanding it is very likely that someone else craves these things as well. Stop thinking about what you need for a while, and offer your help to someone else. It can change your perspective and remind you of all the things you should be grateful about that you currently take for granted. It can also help you create a bond with someone else or provide you the pleasant feeling of knowing that you helped improve someone else’s life.

8. All is always well

At certain times we should remind ourselves that we can rely on ourselves at times, not always on somebody else. Having strong emotions should never be embarrassing or frightening. Let your emotions come out and scream when you’re angry or cry when you’re sad. Escape and remember that you are always there for you. If you love your own company, you will never feel alone again.


9. Consider this an opportunity to evaluate what you can change

Think about the things that led to your feelings of being stuck and isolated. Focus on solving the problems rather than the problems themselves. If you feel you don’t have enough social interaction, try to go out more often and visit places where you can meet new people. Put yourself in situations where connections can happen.


10. You can always love yourself

You can’t love yourself only when you feel happy. Don’t wait until you have more money, a new job, lost weight etc. Love yourself unconditionally for who you are, not what you have. Love begins and ends with you, so you should begin to love yourself, no. Include all the joy and pain you feel, as well as your loneliness.

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