10 Things Men Find Very Attractive In Women More Than Good Look

1. Calmness

Let’s be honest, women can sometimes be great queens of drama. This poses additional problems. Men can not resist a woman who is relaxed, calm and therefore more peaceful nearby.

2. Intelligence

A woman who’s intelligent means a woman who’s ambitious has goals in life and understands the value of education.

3. Cleanliness

Is beauty only a face full of makeup? Of course not, therefore, men who like to be clean, clean and organized find men very attractive.

4. Caring

All women are caring by nature, but some fail or refuse to express it. A man would want a bit of love and extra care from their special woman. Everyone likes being cared for.

5. Creativity

Creativity means a woman’s ability to look at life and her problems from a different angle. Men want to be women who can find unique solutions to problems.

6. Disciplined

If the woman believes in discipline, she would have the house on control and the kids under rules.

7. Loyal

Nobody will like to betray. Men value women’s loyalty. If she speaks or lies behind her friend’s back to do something, it indicates that she is not loyal.

8. Friendly

The kindness in a woman is attractive. She treats everyone with respect and friendliness. She finds a lot of friends because she is happy to be here.

9. Genuine

In this era of perfect selfies and social media, a woman true to herself is a rarity. But it’s a quality that can hardly be resisted.

10. Optimistic

A woman who looks at the bright side of things is 100% more desirable.